How to Create Google Sheet Map Geo Chart and Geo Chart with Markers


You can visualise your country related data using Maps in Google Sheets. It’s another unique feature Google Sheet provides. I can tell you two-three instances where you can use Google Sheet Maps. I’m talking about Google Sheet Map Geo Chart not Google Maps. Lots of different charts already covered on this site. Here we can learn how to create Google Sheet Map Geo Chart.

If you own any product and it targets a wider area, no matter within your country or globally, you can visualise the location wise product sales on Google Sheet Map. When you hover your mouse on the map, it will shows the data and it changes when you move from country to country or place to place.

Similarly teachers can use various data available online like country wise population, total voters participated in a general election, rainfall details in different parts of the country, as well as global usage share of internet users etc. to create Google Sheet Map Geo Chart or Google Sheet Map Geo Chart with Markers to use as a study material.

Globe Blue Background

As an another instance, suppose your company is an MNC and deployed thousands of employees on different projects across the globe, you can mark the employee deployment on a map using Google Sheet Map. Unless the number of employees and engaged country is high, this chart will become a crap.

Finally, you can create two types of Google Sheet Maps. They are Geo chart and Geo chart with markers. Though they are similar in nature there are some identical differences and that lies in the data. Just switch between both the maps to see the difference. Wait! Not now, after completing this tutorial, right?

For example purpose I’ve imported few data from Wikipedia using the Google Sheet IMPORTHTML function. This data is the list of countries by population.


See, this Google Sheet function is so powerful. Other wise I may required to manually type the data and it would have consumed my few hours. You can use the above custom IMPORTHTML spreadsheet formula.

In order to create a Google Map Geo Chart, your data should be as follows. One column of data with country names and another column with numeric value, here the population.

Here is the small portion of the data. To view the table with entire data which I imported from Wikipedia using the above IMPORTHTML, follow this link. There you can see the finished map also.

sample data to Create Google Sheet Map Geo Chart

We use the columns “Country or Area” and “Population (1 July 2017)…” to create Google Sheet Map Geo Chart. How?

Steps to Create Google Sheet Map Geo Chart

Go to the menu Insert > Chart.

Google Sheet Map Chart Editor for Map

Under the “Chart editor” select “Map” and select the data range under the title “Country or Area” against “region” and against “colour” select data range under the title “Population (1 July 2017)”.

Google Sheet Map Chart Editor for Map 2

That’s all. Now if you want you can customise the colour based on mid, higher and lower values from the chart editor customise tab. You can see how finished Google Sheet Map will look like.

Finished Google Sheet Map Geo Chart

This’s is an interactive and responsive map. Create Google Sheet Map Geo Chart and embed it on your website or blog. Yes! It’s also possible. We detailed this tips in an earlier post related to Table Chart.


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