Google Sheets IFERROR Function – Usage and Examples

Google Sheets IFERROR Function

Google Sheets IFERROR function is a common spreadsheet function to clean up formula results. It’s so simple to use and a must to know logical function. You just need to understand the usage of this formula clean up logical function in Google Sheets. So it will be handy for you in certain scenarios. Though it’s a standalone function, it always uses together with other functions.

Where to Use Google Sheets IFERROR Function

It’s common that a formula returns error value possibly due to the invalid values in the precedent cells or the cells that affect the formula.

If you are unsure about such error values, it’s a better idea to avoid error in formula output by adding IFERROR function with the formula.

How to Use Google Sheets IFERROR Function


IFERROR(value, [value_if_error])

There are two arguments in this function.

  1. Value: You can replace this value part with any other formula. If the other formula returns a value other than erro, IFERROR also returns that value.
  2. Value If Error: If the other formula returns an error, you can replace that error. You an possibly return values like 0 or message like “Invalid entry”.

Examples to the Usage of Google Sheets IFERROR Function

Here is one common scenario in Google Sheets, where you can see error in formula results.

Example 1:

Google Sheets IFERROR Function Simple Example

The error occurs due to the division formula and 0 values in the precedent cells. As you know the Function DIVIDE parameter 2 cannot be zero. In this case you can use Google Sheets IFERROR formula as below.


This formula returns an empty cell instead of error message.

=iferror(J6/C6,”No Sales”)

This formula returns the text “No Sales” in Cell K6.

Example 2:

If error function will be more useful when using with Array Formula in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets IFERROR Formula Example

Likewise you can use Google Sheets IFERROR function together with many other functions including the much popular Vlookup and Query.


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