Use of Four Different Sparkline Charts in Google Sheets

Different Sparkline Charts in Google Sheets

This post is all about the superbly easy to create Sparkline charts. I often use different Sparkline charts in Google Sheets as well as in Excel. This way I try to make my reports standout from the rest and to the core improve my reports. Sparklines are the possible simplest solution to create charts in a flash. There are four different Sparkline Charts in Google Sheets. You can clearly understand this from the below Sparkline Examples.

We can create complex charts using the chart menu chart options, no matter whether it’s in Google Sheets or Excel. I use these complex forms of charts when I want to submit progress reports, or other types of reports to my client or third parties. Otherwise for internal purpose I’m happy to set with my simple Sparkline mini charts.

Different Sparkline Charts in Google Sheets

In Excel different sparkline charts are available under the insert menu. But unlike Excel, in Google Spreadsheets we require to use simple formulas to create this simplest form of charts.

The Different Sparkline Charts in Google Sheets [Options]

It’s obvious we cannot create combination charts or any similar complex charts using Sparkline. Just use these tiny forms of charts to show trends over a period. I’ll explain the same with custom formula and images below.

There are four different Sparkline Charts available in Google Doc Spreadsheet. They are “Line”, “Column”, “Bar” and “Winloss”. For me, among these four, the best Sparkline charts are column and line.

The below syntax and following formulas will explain the use of tiny sparklines.

Syntax: SPARKLINE(data, [options])

1. Line Sparkline Chart and Example


Example to Line Sparkline Chart

2. Column Sparkline Chart and Example


Example to Column Sparkline Chart

3. Bar Sparkline Chart and Example


Bar Sparkline Chart - Example

4. Winloss Sparkline Chart and Example

Winloss Sparkline chart is only beneficial when there are negative values in the trends. So for the above range we can’t apply this formula. So I skipped the screenshot this time.

Use these simple charts in your reports as it can potentially improve the quality of your reports. Just impress your boss, client or customer.

The purpose of the above different Sparkline charts are simplicity in use. So we only require the above simple formulas to create. For more options like colour, maximum, minimum values, low colour, high colour etc. refer this Google Doc Help article.


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