Combined Use of IF, AND, OR Logical Functions in Google Doc Spreadsheet

Learn how to use important logical functions IF, AND, OR in Google Doc Spreadsheet. Logical functions are very easy to use if you get proper examples. You can find examples of logical functions online. But when you use logical functions in a combined form it expands the usefulness of some logical functions. It is rare to find simple examples for combined use of logical functions.

Some of you may familiar with Microsoft Excel Logical Functions. If you know if, and, or like logical functions in Excel you can similarly use it in Google Doc Spreadsheet. There is no change in the Syntax. It is easy to use logical functions individually. But logical functions are powerful when you use it in combined form. In this easy to follow Google Doc Spreadsheet tutorial we can learn how to use logical functions in combined form.

What are Spreadsheet Logical Functions?

I am not telling you the exact definition of logical functions. My intention is to give you a clear idea what logical functions are. With logical functions you can test the value of one cell and decide the result.

Logical Functions IF, AND, OR

In this example we are going to learn logical functions IF, AND, OR.

IF : This logical function is used to find whether an argument is true or false. If true this function brings one result and false another result.

Example : In Cell A1 put the value 50. Type any of the below formula in cell B1.

a) IF(A1>50,”Pass”, “Failed”)


b) IF(A1>50,”A1*20″, “A1*10″)

In the first logical test if the value in A1 is above 50, the Cell B1 shows “Pass”, else shows “Failed”

In the second logical test if the value in A1 is above 50, the Cell B1 get multiplies with 20, else get multiplies with 10.

Hope you understand this.

AND : This logical function is used to expand the use of IF function.

=AND(TRUE, TRUE) All arguments are TRUE, reslut is TRUE

OR : Similarly above, this logical function is also used to expand the use of IF function.

=OR(TRUE,FALSE,TRUE) At least one argument is TRUE (TRUE)

I know you have doubt about AND, OR functions. You can learn it easily from the below example.

Learn IF, AND, OR logical functions easily from the below combined example.

How to use Logical Functions in Combined form in Excel Spreadsheet or Google Doc Spreadsheet?

You may have noticed that I’ve not detailed AND, OR logical functions above. It is because it is normally used to expand the usefulness of IF. So the below combined use of logical functions will clear your doubt about using these functions.

First type the contents as shown on the screenshot in a spread sheet. No matter whether you use Excel spreadsheet or Google Doc. You can omit Condition 1, Condition 2, Condition 3 because there we will apply logical functions later.


Hope you have typed the above data.

Now the formula

  • =IF(OR(B3>49,C3>49,D3>49),”Passed”,”Failed”)
  • =IF(AND(B3>49,C3>49,D3>49),”Passed”,”Failed”)
  • =IF(OR(AND(B3>49,C3>49),AND(B3>49,D3>49),AND(C3>49,D3>49)),”Won”,”Failed”)

The first formula should be typed under condition 1, the second one under condition 2 and the final one under condition 3.

What these logical functions do?

1. Shows “Passed” if marks scored in any subject is >49

2. Shows “Passed” only if marks scored in all subjects is >49

3. Shows “Passed” if marks scored in any two subjects is >49

Go through the examples carefully several times. If you have any doubt drop it in comments below.


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