Split Number to Digits in Google Sheets

You can split numbers to digits in a flash in Google Sheets. MID function is the solution for this. MID is a google sheet text function. Still we can use this text function to split number to separate digits.


MID(string, starting_at, extract_length)

Before explaining how can we split numbers to digits, see a simple example below.



The above function will produce the result “Inspired”.

As per the syntax “InfoInspired” is the string. We extracted 8 characters from the character starting at 5th position, that is “I”. So the result will be “Inspired”.

That means we can extract any number of characters from any position of a given string. It’s applicable to numbers also as MID function considers numbers as string.

split number to digits in spreadsheet

As already mentioned above MID is text function. The above same method in the case of splitting “InfoInspired” is applied for splitting numbers.

In cell A2 the number is 1234567. MID function can extract number by number.


This will extract second digit from the number 1234567. As per the syntax 1234567 is the string, 2 is the position to start the extraction and 1 is the number of digits to be extracted. So the result is 2.

MID function considers numbers as string. So the result will be in text format. That is the reason we multiply the result with 1.


The above convert the number in text format to number format.

Hope you understand the tricks to split numbers to digits in Google Spreadsheet. Now there may be a genuine question arising in your mind. Why one should split numbers? We used this function in creating a number to word converter in Google Sheets. We can’t predict how can one use one function dynamically in spreadsheets.


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