Share Google Sheet Files on Copy Mode

Google Sheet Sharing Option Copy File

How do you normally share Google Sheet files? Possibly you are sharing Google sheet files in edit mode or view mode. Wait! There is one more option to share Google Sheet files. You can share Google sheet files on copy mode. Something similar to force copying instead of editing. Yup! What’s this copy mode is about? It’s none other than sharing Google sheet files with a friends or colleagues in copy mode. The person with the Google Sheet copy mode file link can only copy the file. No view mode or edit mode. The person with the link asked to copy the file.

Now the question. How to Share Google Sheet file link in Copy Mode?

Before coming to this Google Sheet tip, let us have a look at what other sharing methods are.

  1. Edit Mode: You are giving permission to make changes to your Google Sheet file, accept or reject suggestions, and also share the file with others.
  2. View Mode: Yup! It’s just the sharing mode with view only permission. The person with the link can only view the file but can’t even share the file.
  3. Comment Mode: This mode is not a popular sharing option. This allow the person with the link to make comments and suggestions. That’s all.

The above three are the available sharing options in Google Sheets. Now the fourth one which is the Custom Sharing Mode in Google Sheets.

The custom sharing mode in Google Sheets will force the person with the link to copy the file. This mode is not a Google Sheet default sharing option.

How to activate copy mode in Google Sheets? Follow the below steps.

First and foremost thing to make possible force copy your Google Sheet file!

Your file sharing settings should be set as “anyone who has the link can view”

sharing settings for force copy mode in google sheets

Then follow the below steps.

  • Open the file which you want to send with copy mode.
  • Edit the URL as below.

Share Google Sheet Files on Copy Mode

Done! Now share this link. The person with link will ask to copy the file. This way you can share Google Sheet files on copy mode.


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