Google Doc Spreadsheet – Change Text to Upper, Lower and Sentence Case

Change Text to Upper, Lower and Sentence Case

We have a separate section on Info Inspired completely dedicated to Google Doc Spreadsheet Tutorials. In this post we can learn how to change any text in Google Doc Spreadsheet to Lower Case, Sentence / proper Case or Upper Case. This tutorial is also applicable to Microsoft Excel. Many people know how to change the text for in Documents but not in spreadsheets. Hope this Spreadsheet tutorial – change Text to Upper, Lower and Sentence Case – will be useful for many of you.

Steps: Change Text to Upper, Lower and Sentence Case

Sign in to your Google Drive account to use Google Doc Spreadsheet.

There under “Create” you can see “Spreadsheet”.

Open a spreadsheet and just read and apply the points A, B, & C below.

You can first apply it on any spreadsheet to get the result. It will change the text form, but you will get the result in a new cell. For example the text in Cell C6 can get in Cell D6 or any other cell (see the screenshot). It is because we are using functions to convert text form in Google Doc Spreadsheet. We can change it later. You can apply the upper, lower or sentence case on the same cell where the original text is. For that just head to the last paragraph of this tutorial.

change text to upper, lower or sentence case Google doc spreadsheet

A. How to Change Text to Upper Case in Google Doc Spreadsheet

On any blank cell of your spreadsheet apply the following function without quotes.

” =upper(text)”

Replace the word “text” with cell address of the text to be made upper case.

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B. How to Change Text to Lower Case in Google Doc Spreadsheet

Apply the function below as instructed above.


C. How to Change Text to Sentence Case in Google Doc Spreadsheet

Apply the below function as mentioned in “A”


Of course it changed the upper case to lower case or lower case to upper case like wise. But the result is in a new cell. You want to change the case of letters in the same cell where the text is.

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To do that copy the formula and paste it in the same cell where the original text is. But don’t just paste. You have to right click on the cell and go to Paste Special->Paste Values only. After that you can erase the formula.

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Video Tutorial: Change Text to Upper, Lower and Sentence Case

Watch the below video tutorial for any clarification.

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      • I don’t believe you have interpreted the question correctly, as I believe I am looking for the same thing. I want the column I type information into, to automatically capitalize. Not using a second column and then copy/pasting, this needs to be done programmatically, as the example here provides:!topic/docs/QaRXTzt6lbw

        The trouble is, this also capitalizes formulas in your cells, which is breaking the importhtml() function as it is capitalizing the URLs used.

        How can Google Sheet automatically capitalize specific columns of data, but not the formulas inside the cells?

    • Hi,
      Go to tools>Script Editor
      Then replace the content with the following script.
      function onEdit(e) {
      if (typeof e.value != 'object') {

      Save it.
      Done! Open a new Google sheet and type any text. See the text automatically get converted to UPPER!

      • hi,
        that script worked great. how do you make it only apply to a range of cells, rows, or columns….instead of entire sheet.
        thanks for the info


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