How to Hide and Unhide Chat History with Specific People on Facebook


Why people want to hide their chat messages in Facebook? It’s simply due to privacy concerns. I am sure you people know the importance of keeping your chat messages private. Why should one add fuel to the fire 🙂 by letting others close, see his/her chat messages unintentionally.

If you want, you can simply hide chat messages with any of your selected friends completely on Facebook. Facebook has the option for this. Later, if you want, you can unhide the chat messages again.

If you are too concerned about your privacy, it is better to permanently delete the chat messages in Facebook. In my case I think it’s better to completely delete the chat messages once in a while. I clean my message area on Facebook often.

If you are going for deleting messages in Facebook in the default way, it will consume your valuable time. So I have a solution for this. Little bit off topic?  Don’t worry, I will come to to the hide sections again 🙂

FB chat

Earlier I’ve posted a wonderful article that brings enormous response from my Facebook friends, from all part of the world. Due to my time constraint I could not write to them all personally. Here I wish to express my gratitude for their support.

If you have missed that one article, below is the article link.

One Click Delete Complete Facebook Chat History

How to Hide Facebook Chat Messages with Any Specific Person


Click the message link on your home page.

Facebook message link

It will show your chat history with friends. Click the archive icon next to the person whose chat history you want to hide.


It will instantly hide all the chat with that person from your chat history on Facebook. This will hide your chat history from that specific friend from your Facebook messenger mobile app too.

How to Unhide Facebook Chat Messages with Any Specific Person


Go to the message screen again and click the more link there. Then select “Archieved”

Archived Facebook Chat

It will show you the previously hidden chat with people.  Click the Unarchive button against the person whose chat you want to make visible again.

Unarchive FB chat

For total privacy don’t forget to delete your complete Facebook chat history. Here is the video tutorial detailing the one click solution for this.

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