How to Use Date Criteria in Filter Function in Google Sheets

How to Use Date Criteria in Filter Formula in Google Sheets

Learn to apply date criteria in filter function in Google Sheets. Filter is not a new term to many spreadsheet users. But Filter function may be new. In Google Sheets, in addition to the popular Filter Command, there is a Filter function. I always think Functions have an edge over Commands. Filter function is an example to this. Here we can learn Filter Function and how to use Date Criteria in Filter Function in Google Spreadsheets.

Before going to the tutorial, if you wish to know the advantage of Filter Function over Filter Command, go to my earlier post Filter Data to Separate Sheets with Links. It’s never ever possible with Filter Menu Command.

Date Criteria in Filter Function in Google Sheets


FILTER(range, condition1, [condition2])

Here in this filter function syntax, “range” is the entire data range. What is Condition1, Condition 2 or Criteria in Filter?

Below on the image I’ve marked it. The Yellow highlighted part is the filter condition or criteria and the Green highlighted part is the data range.

Filter Function Syntax Explained - Google Sheets

The formula above is a simple example to the use of Filter function with one single criteria or condition.

After going through one more example, we can go to how to use date Criteria in Filter Function in Google Sheets.

Here I’m going to tell you how to use multiple conditions or criteria in Google Sheets Filter formula.


With by just putting a comma you can add multiple conditions or criteria to this filter formula as above. The yellow coloured one is criteria # 1 and the red coloured one is criteria # 2.

Now let us see how to use date criteria in Google Sheets Filter Function.

date criteria in filter function in google sheets

See the above example to understand how I’ve used Date as condition or criteria in Filter. You should take care of the format. Whatever the date format in your sheet, the date criteria with in the formula should be as “date(yyyy,mm,dd)”.


When you just want to point to cell, I mean the date criteria in a cell, you can use the formula like this. This’s another formula for just example.

=FILTER(A2:B10,A2:A10 = G1)

Here the cell G1 contains the date as criteria.

Here is our awesome DATE CRITERIA usage Guides in Google Sheets

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