How to Wrap Text Using Formula in Google Sheets [One Word Per Line]

Wrap Text Using Formula in Google Sheets

Here I am sharing you an awesome Google Sheets Trick. Do you know you can wrap text using formula in Google Sheets? If not I’m revealing that trick. But before that let me clarify one thing. It’s not a perfect word wrap. It has limitation but you can overcome it little bit. Because, with this wrap, you can wrap only single word per line. No control over column width. You can use any length sentence for word wrap using my short formula. See the above featured image and if you are satisfied, jump to the tutorial below.

Wrap Text Using Formula in Google Sheets

Here I’m using a combination of Google Sheets Text formulas to word wrap in a cell. What are those nested formulas then?

SPLIT, CHAR and JOIN¬†are those tricky formulas. I’m going directly to the word wrap formula. Head to our Google Sheets Function Guide to learn the above said functions in details and also with advanced tips.

Formula to Wrap Text or Sentences in Google Sheets

When your text or sentence is in Cell A2, you can use the below formula in cell B2 to get the wrapped text.

=join(char(10),split(A2,” “))

See the screenshot again.

Text Formula to Wrap Text or Sentences in Google Sheets

The Limitation:

The above short formula puts each word in a new line. It has not control over the column width. So to overcome this limitation there are limited options. See this modified formula.

word wrap in google sheets using formula

Here there is a long sentence in cell A3 though part of the text is hidden. You can see the wrapped form of this sentence in Cell B3.

What are the difference with this formula compared to the first one? Here I’ve used Comma delimiter in the SPLIT function where as in the first formula I’ve used the SPACE delimiter. So accordingly the wrapping happened.

When you want to have more control over the Word Wrap using formula in Google Sheets, just manually add Comma to the sentence in Cell A3, as per the above example, and use the second formula. But I think it’s not legible as putting additional commas to your original sentence could spoil it.

Hope you could understand the above tutorial on wrap text using formula in Google Sheets. I hope it may be useful for some of you.


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