How to Correct Reverse Direction Issue on Google Map

How to Correct Reverse Direction Issue on Google Map

Recently I noticed that Google map shows the direction in reverse order on my Android. I can manage the direction but on roundabouts and signals I confused whether I should drive to left or right. If you are facing this issue on Google Map, you can rectify it. It’s not an issue of Google Map. It’s a settings ‘issue’ of our phone. To know how to correct reverse direction issue on Google Map, read on.

Often I depend Google Map to drive to reach my destination without roaming around the crowded roads in Dubai. Even though there are lots of advantages of using navigation apps, there are quite few disadvantages too. It will divert your attention on the road. But I know many of you can manage that. But the main disadvantage is that you will not learn new routes. It’s my experience.

How to Correct Reverse Direction Issue on Google Map

But our point is how to correct direction on Google Map. When you are driving to straight from one point to another, Google map will show the direction correctly but you have to change your mind set like you are driving from the opposite direction. As I told earlier it will create problems for you in roundabouts and signals. You may see on the map that your current location at the far end and the destination is near to you. So you might just feel that you are coming from far away and a left right issue on your mind.

To rectify that jut turn on/off screen rotation on your phone. It will solve the direction issue problem in Google map. For more similar quick tips do follow us on our Info Inspired. Enjoy.


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