How to Repeat Page Titles in Google Doc Spreadsheet

titles in spreadsheet

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Repeating page titles in every page is very important when you print your data. It is only required if your data has two or more pages. If you are not going to use this feature, you have to copy paste the title row at the top of each page to make the printout neat and understandable. But it will surely destroy your data structure and affect filtering. Also the accuracy is not ensured that depends the print set up. So apply the below technique whenever you want to print multiples pages of Spreadsheet data.

How to Print Titles in Every Pages on Google Doc Spreadsheet

In Excel there is a separate option “Print titles” that only print the titles on every page. Because Excel has different options for printing titles, header and footers and freeze pane. In Google Doc Spreadsheet, it is in a combined form. So to print titles in Google Doc Spreadsheet, do as follows.

First count the number of rows where you have put the titles on your data

titles in spreadsheet

In the above screenshot, it is row number 3.

Go to View > Freeze rows.

There select “Freeze 3 rows.

Now go to File > Print.

Enable “Repeat row headers on each page”.

repeat titles in Google Doc Spreadsheet

That’s all. When you print your Google Doc Spreadsheet data, you can see the page titles repeated on each and every page.

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