Google Drive Presentation – Auto Cycle and Increase the Slide Transition Timing

increase slide transition timing in Google Slides

It is not necessary to depend PowerPoint to make ‘powerful’ presentations. You can use Google Drive Presentation easily to make presentations that can even convert to PowerPoint later. In Google Slides there is no option to increase different slide transition timing between different slides. You can of course adjust timing between slides when you publish the slide as a whole and it’s accessible to all. But with a simple logic we can control the slide transition timing between slides.

Needless to say there is one awesome feature Google provides, i.e. the ability to insert YouTube videos in your presentation. But it will become worthless when you set auto cycle by publishing the slide. So when you run an auto cycling presentation in Google Drive, it is not advisable to insert videos.

But true live presentations are possible with this simple online presentation application. Here is the few steps to create an auto cycle through slide presentation in Google Drive.

1. Auto Cycle and Increase the Slide Transition Timing without Publishing the Slide

There is no option to increase the slide transition timing in this online presentation tool without publishing it. But we can apply one simple trick to increase the transition timing in Google Drive Presentation. That is with duplicate slides.


Go to Google Drive Slides

Click the “+” button to create new presentation

Choose the theme from the right side panel or from slide menu > change theme or use the default one.

Enter the content. Then add new slides to the presentation from the left side panel.

After finishing your presentation click the “Present” button available in the view menu or on the top.

How to Auto Cycle and Increase the Slide Transition Timing

Auto Cycle Slides In Google Sheets

Here auto cycle means auto play the slide from first slide to last after the first click. Remember that this is an online presentation tool. So it has the limitation in auto cycling. To set auto cycle in a loop you should publish the slide. We will come to that later.

To auto cycle presentation through your slides, click the play button (see the screenshot below).

increase the slide transition timing in Google Sheets

Increase the Transition Timing in Google Sheets

To increase the transition timing between any of the slides, right click on the slide and make a duplicate copy of it 2-3 times depending the slow time.

The auto cycle though feature may not work if you set animation to your title text in slides.

2. Auto Cycle and Increase the Slide Transition Timing By Publishing the Slide

If you are ready to give public access to your presentation you will get some good auto cycling control to your slide. Go the file menu and choose the option “Publish to the web”

You will be presented by few options to control the slide transmission timing. Not slide by slide but as a whole. Here comes our above tips handy. You have duplicates slides between your slides. It can be used to change the transition timing between slides. When you want to grab more attention to any individual slide, make few duplicate copies of it.

See our sample Slide HERE in action.


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