Hot 2014 Consumer Tech Trends – Infographic


New year twenty fourteen is on our doorstep. We saw messenger apps like WhatsApp and Viber replaces traditional SMSes and the continued growth in Smartphone use in 2013. The trend will continue and that will reflect in our daily life too. All these possible with the wide reach of internet connectivity.

How our communication through internet will be in 2014? The below infographic titled “10 hot consumer trends 2014” from Ericsson Lab is going to answer this question.

As per the Ericsson Lab team, the trends include the importance of apps which are going to change society, your body being used as your password, and friends driven video consumption etc.

The data used in the infograpic are conceived by the Ericsson Lab team, who conducts researches on the subject, and full credit goes to them.

Hot 2014 Consumer Trends

Hot Tech Consumer Trends in 2014


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