Stunning Images of Google Data Centers as Ten Chrome Themes

Chrome Theme

Google Data centers are very large and spread across the globe. Majority of them are in the US. Google has not disclosed much about their production data centers until few years back. But things have changed and you can now get to know about some of the Google Data Centers in the world. It includes the largest data centers in Oregon. Google has a website dedicated to their data centers. It contains image gallery¬†about the tech, people, and the places. Also you can take a tour inside Google Data Centers by virtue of Google¬†Street View technology. Got inspired? Then decorate your Google Chrome with any of the new Google Data Center dedicated theme from Google. It’s official Google Chrome theme. At present there are 10 themes featuring different Google Data Centers. Below are the download link to this new Chrome theme about Google Data Centers.

Chrome Theme

GData Centers 1 Council Bluffs, Iowa

GData Centers 2 Council Bluffs, Iowa

GData Centers 3 Council Bluffs, Iowa

GData Centers 4 The Dalles, Oregon

GData Centers 5 Douglas County, Geor

GData Centers 6 Douglas County, Geor

GData Centers 7 Lenoir, North Carolina

GData Centers8, Hamina, Finland

GData Centers 9 Hamina, Finland

GData Centers 10 Mayes County, Oklah
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