Common Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel and Google Sheets

When you switch from Excel to Google Sheets or vice versa, you will definitely find some unease in your work. You may take few hours to get familiar with the program. Though there are lots of similarities with the functions in Excel and Google Sheets, there are differences too. You will find difficulty in using commands and shortcut keys. Keep in mind that using Shortcut Keys are the best way to speed up your work. There are keyboard shortcuts in Google sheets, that works equally in Excel. Below you can find such 15 common keyboard shortcuts in Excel and Google Sheets.

Common Shortcut Keys – Excel and Google Sheets

TAB Move to Right Cell
Shift+Tab Move to Left Cell
Shift+Space bar Entire Row
Alt+D+P Pivot Table
Alt+E+S+V Paste Values
Alt+I+R Insert Row
Alt+I+C Insert Column
Alt+D+S Sort
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+5 Strike Through
Ctrl+Space bar Select Entire Column
Ctrl+A Select Entire Rage or Sheet
Shift+Space bar Select Entire Row

If you find more common Excel, Google sheets keyboard shortcuts, notify me in comments.


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