All Essential Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

Essential Shortcut Keys in Windows 8

I don’t think there is any introduction required for Shortcut Keys in any application. Almost all applications come with some built-in keyboard shortcuts. Some people utilize it while others don’t. I think it is a best idea to practice shortcut keys on some of your frequent using programs. OS, Office Apps, Browsers everywhere you can use shortcut keys. In this post I’m introducing you some of the essential shortcut keys in Windows 8.

Essential Shortcut Keys in Windows 8

There are lots of new shortcuts in the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. At present only the Consumer Preview version of this OS is available. Most people are now using Windows 8 on a non touchable device. So using shortcut keys will ease their work on Windows 8. Here I am listing all the essential Windows 8 shortcut keys that one must know. Use them frequently to learn it and to do your job without distracting your concentration from the screen between your keyboard and mouse. Also this is the first one in a row of articles related to keyboard shortcuts I’m going to publish on this site. Hope you will enjoy it.

All Essential Windows 8 Shortcut Keys [Desktop]

Win + D Desktop
Win + E Windows Explorer
Win + I Charms Bar Setting
Win + X Start Menu or Desktop Quick Menu
Win + R Run
Win + T Task Bar Navigation
Alt + Tab Open Next App
Alt + 1 to 9 Open Pinned Task Bar Apps

Internet Explorer 10 Essential Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + Tab Cycle Through Open Tabs
Ctrl + Shift + P InPrivate Tab
Ctrl + T New Tab
Ctrl + F4 Close Active Tab
Ctrl + P Print Page

Charms Bar (Metro Charms) Shortcut Keys

Win + C Open the Charms Bar
Win + F Search Files
Win + W Search Settings
Win + Q Search Active App
Win + H Share Charm
Win + I Charms Bar Setting (already listed above under Desktop Shortcut Keys)
Win + K Devices

Other Useful Windows 8 Shortcut Keys (Start Page and Metro Apps)

Win Start Page (where you could see the metro apps’ tiles)
Win + Tab Cycle Through Metro Apps. Release to Open
Win + Tab + Delete Close Selected App
Alt + F4 Close Active App
Win + Z App Command Bar where You Can Uninstall Metro Apps, Unpin etc. tasks
Win + . Snap App to Right on Supported Resolution (1366 x 768)
Win + Shift + . Snap App to the Left on Supported Resolution (1366 x 768)
Ctrl + – Zoom Out
Ctrl + = or Ctrl + + Zoom In
Ctrl + Alt + Delete Instant Access to Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, Password Change, Task Manager, Ease of Access and Power Down


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