10 Best Dame Helen Mirren Quotes from Her Tulane Keynote [2017]


Recently I’ve gone through several keynote speeches available online in search of fresh inspiring quotes. Many of them are boring with, at least for me, usual advice mode but there are some good commencement speeches out there. Yesterday I read the transcript of the keynote speech delivered by Dame Helen Mirren at Tulane University and found intriguing. So I decide to pick the best Helen Mirren Quotes from Her Tulane Keynote.

When I decide to pick best of Helen Mirren quotes from her Tulane Keynote, my prime concern was to pick the best of the best quotes of her from that speech. So the number is limited to 10 as the speech was short.

Dame Helen Mirren is a versatile English actor who bagged many coveted awards including the Academy Award in 2007. She acted in many plays, films and in television series from late 1960 and her acting journey is still continuing. You can find more about Helen Mirren and her awesome work on her website.

Helen Mirren Quotes from Her Tulane Keynote
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Notable Helen Mirren Quotes from Her Tulane Keynote

“The trick is to listen to your instinct, grab the opportunity when it presents itself and then give it your all.” – Helen Mirren

“You will stumble and fall, you will experience both disaster and triumph, sometimes in the same day, but it’s really important to remember that like a hangover, neither triumphs nor disasters last forever.” – Helen Mirren

“Every single person, whether they have dominion over your life or not, deserves equal respect and generosity.” – Helen Mirren

“Don’t procrastinate… especially in saying thank you when it is merited.” – Helen Mirren

“Ignore anyone who judges the way you look.” – Helen Mirren

“Look fear straight-away in its ugly face, and barge forward. And when you get past it, turn around and give it a good swift kick in the ass.” – Helen Mirren

“Don’t dive into water if you don’t know how deep it is.” – Helen Mirren

“Do call your parents at least once a week. Tell them you love them. Then ask for money. Not the other way around.” – Helen Mirren

“Parents, please know that however much your children can shock and horrify you, it’s all in the natural order of things.” – Helen Mirren

“When I found one inspiring answer in Mayan wisdom that said so much in so few words, I had it tattooed on my left hand,  Inlakesh , it means: “You are my other self. We are one. I am Another Yourself.” – Helen Mirren

Hope you find the above 10 Helen Mirren quotes from her Tulane Keynote address inspiring. Keep sharing.


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