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How to Make a Professional Blog or Website in Just Under 20 minutesI’m not exaggerating! You can create a stunning first website in just under 20 minutes that all by your own! How? we will detail it below. No coding knowledge or any
How to Completely Uninstall a WordPress Installation with Database [Hostgator cPanel]There are lots of people running multiple websites and left some of them halfway due to time constraint or failed to attract good traffic. In my case I had few
How to Remove Portfolio Category in Permalinks [WordPress Tutorial]Setting up your first blog is so easy now a day. No coding knowledge is required. If you are in a mood to set up a personal blog without any basic
Reduce Image Size on Android Keeping Aspect RatioI was heavily depending my laptop for blog posting where my necessary tools for blogging were installed. I was depending GIMP for Windows for my image editing requirements on my laptop. Nowadays,
Free Tools and Tips for New Bloggers for Better BloggingA blogger’s blogging skill will get improved over the time due to his exposure to online content and his quest to find ways to improve his blogs looks awesome. There
Chrome Error ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT SolvedYou may have come across the error message ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT on your Google Chrome or some other browsers while trying to open Facebook or some other webpages. If you are an