How to Use TechSmith Snagit to Perfectly Edit Any Scanned Documents

Perfectly Edit Any Scanned Documents

You can edit an original scanned document content and perfectly mimic it. Nobody can realise you had interfere with it. Perfectly edit any scanned documents when you find any typo error in it. You can follow the below tips in situations like why you lost your original and only have a scanned copy left with you that also contain some errors. Also this is an ultimate tutorial that elaborate the use of TechSmith Snagit as a perfect document editor.

Snagit as a Scanned Document Editor

Perfectly edit scanned documents using Snagit. The core purpose of this app is screen capture. But it’s a perfect editor too.

I don’t know how many of you use Snagit Editor to edit your any documents in image formats. Don’t worry if you want to edit a scanned PDF. Convert it first to [dot]jpg before editing with Snagit using the ultimate online converter Zamzar. I do this normally.

Snagit is a paid application for Windows and Mac. A free lite version is available as a web app + plugin for Google Chrome that simply meets the screen capture need. The core purpose, as already told above, of the Snagit application is screen capture, no matter whether it’s video or image. It’s one of the very best tool for this purpose. But you can extensively use this wonderful application, I mean the paid Snagit app, for scanned document editing purposes.

The advantage, it’s very easy to use and retain the quality of the scanned documents. You don’t need to be a computer nerd for using it. I find Snagit Editor easier to use than popular photo editing tools.

We need to think dynamically and apply logic to make our work easier. Here is a pure example. Some scanned documents of which the soft copy is not available may require some corrections due to typo or missing of few additional text. It may be your resume, any format etc. No need to retype the document. If it’s editable PDF you can convert it back to edit using office applications. But if it’s in a scanned PDF or image format, you can edit it using Snagit editor. The text on the document may be faded over time. You can match it too. Nobody feels that you have edited the original document. How? Follow the below instructions.

Steps to Perfectly Edit Any Scanned Documents Using Snagit Screen Capture Tool

Right click on the file and open with Snagit Editor.

See the screenshot below. We want to change the arrow marked text with “5145 Ax2” that match with the existing test and font on the document.

sample-text editing using snagit

Then how to edit it. See the tools we are required below.

Selection tool and call out tool.


Now use the selection tool to select the area you want to remove and hit the enter button. Then use the call out tool and click the style as above and type the text you want.

First you type any text already existing on the document. Then only we can match the size and font perfectly. Select the text and right click. Here you can choose the font, size of font and change font color using the color picker etc. Once you match the font and font size you can move to change the font color using the color picker. Color picker helps you pick the natural color of your existing font. Also note that on most of the documents you can see the fonts are either Times New Roman or Arial.

Snagit-edited image

Then replace the text with the text you want. After that right click on the text you put and apply “Flatten All” from the drop down menu. Select the text using the “Selection Tool”. Go to Image>Filters>Add Noise and apply little bit noise to the text. Some times you need to apply other filters like edge enhance to match with the existing text. Also you can use blur tool smooth on some part of the text to get it the faded look. Everything is possible with the filter tools.

match the original text on the photo

The added text may not be exactly match with the original. But never feel that you edited and added it later. That depends how you use filter tools.

Hope some of you find this tutorial useful. Please post your views in comments.

Hope you learn how to effectively use Snagit Editor to edit texts in scanned documents.


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