How to Stop YouTube Recommended Videos Appearing on Your Android YouTube App

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If you own a stylish android phone probably your friend or colleague may ask it for having a look. It may make embarrassment for you once he or she open your YouTube app on android. It shows recommendations based on your previous views. Sometimes YouTube recommendation seems very bad. It shows videos based on your months back viewing history. Clearing the YouTube viewing history will not solve the issue. Actually there is no proper way to select and remove YouTube recommendations on Android. But you can hide it from the instant view.

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How Do I Stop Showing YouTube Recommended Videos On my Android Phone

Step 1

Open YouTube App on your Android Phone

Step 2

Go to Menu

Step 3

Tap on “Settings”

Step 4

Tap on “Channel Feed Content”

Step 5
Tap on “All Activity”

Step 5

Select “Uploads only”

The very next time when you open the YouTube Android App, you will only see a blank page with “No uploads found”. This is the only working solution right now to stop Google Showing Recommended Videos on your Android YouTube App.

Update : Feature no longer available!


  1. I’m going crazy trying to figure out why it recommends nintendo video game play videos, when i have never searched that zin my life. My search history consists of car videos, comedians, & music (drum covers). Ive deleted all history & cleared data from the app in vein. The app is factory installed on my s3 so i cant uninstall. Someone help!!


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