How to Smoothly Run Your Android Phone Without Killing Your Favorite Apps


iOS, Windows Phone and Android are the leading Mobile OS right now. Firefox is also planning to unveil its own OS. Right now we can’t say how it will change the scenario. Anyway right now Android is the prominent one. Android market is flourished by numerous number of apps and you have probably an Android smartphone with couple of good apps installed. Unlike iPhone installing lots of app may cause the performance of your android smartphone. It may drain out the battery and affect the performance of your phone. But you can get back your android phones performance to its previous state. You can smoothly run you android phone without killing your installed apps.


If you search on Google you can find lots of stuff related to how to speed up your phone or improve battery performance. There are quite few apps offering improved performance and battery of your phone either by killing the apps or freezing them. But you don’t want to loss your favorite apps like Facebook, Dropbox etc. right? Here is a solution. We can achieve that android performance improvement without killing your app. Greenify *ROOT* is a new android app with a new strategy to help you to run your android phone smoothly like iPhone even when lots of apps are installed. It only puts your selected background running unwanted apps in the hibernate mode. The app hibernated will run smoothly in the foreground.

Greenify Root is free for android version 3.1 and up running devices. It’s a useful promising app. As already said if you are using lots of apps on android, enjoy the apps without affecting the battery as well as the performance of your phone. Try Greenify today.


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