How to Save Phone Number with Extension in Android

pause and wait

This is an android quick tip that helps you save and auto dial extension in numbers. Lots of companies using automated message systems. So when you try to call some specific department or person in a company, you may require to dial the extension of the person or department after hearing the message. Here comes the pause and wait command very useful. Wait and pause in phone numbers are popular among BlackBerry users. How many of you know that you can save phone numbers with extensions in your Android Dialer too.

Before coming to how to save phone numbers with extensions on Android, you must know the difference between pause and wait commands. A Pause in a phone number will automatically dial the extension. While a “Wait” in a number will dial the number and wait for your permission in a popup to dial the extension. Now we can see how to apply wait and pause in a phone number and save the phone number with it.

use pause and wait in numbers for extension

You can see only two letters “P” for pause and “W” for wait on your keyboard when you tap on the phone number field. Rest of the characters are numeric keys. To save the phone numbers with extension use any of these after the phone number and type the extension. Also you can use a comma (,) for “pause” and (;) for “wait”.

Hope this tips will come in handy for you. Please share in comments.


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