How to Reduce Desktop Icon Size in Windows 8

Windows 8 final version is not yet available. But the near perfect release preview version of Windows 8 is ready for download and many of you may have tasted (or tested) it already as it’s free. If you are using Windows 8 consumer preview or release preview,  you may have noticed that by default the desktop only shows the Recycle Bin icon. Some of you may have already brought other icons to desktop. My Computer, Control Panel, User’s File, and Network are the available icons that you can bring on to your Windows 8 desktop. To do this right click on your Windows 8 desktop on any blank space and choose “Personalize” from the context menu. On the Personalization window click on “Change desktop Icons”. Also shortcuts of your any newly installed programs may appear on your desktop just like other versions of Windows. When you install any programs normally a shortcut of that app placed on your desktop that mostly with your permission. I think the size of icons on your desktop do matter with regard to your style concept of your desktop. Some like small icons while some others prefer large or medium. The default icon size in Windows 8 for desktop is medium. If you wish you can reduce or increase desktop icon size in Windows 8.

Increase or decrease desktop icon size in Windows 8

Windows 8 Desktop Icon

To quickly change the desktop icon size in Windows 8 follow the below method.

Press and hold Ctrl key and use your mouse scroll wheel. You can thus increase or decrease the size of Windows 8 desktop icons. Also from the context menu too you can change it. Right click on any blank space on your desktop and from the context menu “View” you can change icon size.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tip.


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