How to Quickly Unlike Multiple Facebook Pages


In this quick tutorial we can learn how to quickly unlike multiple pages on Facebook. Find the pages you liked at one place and unlike the pages you don’t want anymore. Clean your Facebook news feed.

Facebook like button is the order of the day on websites. Many Facebook users like pages without knowing what they are doing. Because Facebook has users vary from novice to advanced users like techies and students. So it depends. If you like pages without knowing what the page serves, you will get unwanted results. Some pages even lure users to click on links to malicious sites. Some causes you defame because of the content appear. The solution is to unlike the pages that makes troubles.

Removing the pages and its contents appearing on your news feed on Facebook is just child’s play. But when you want to unlike multiple Facebook pages here is our quick tip. Follow the below steps. It is the quickest way to unlike multiple Facebook pages.

Steps to Unlike Multiple Facebook Pages Quickly

First sign in to your Facebook Account.

Search on the search field using the search term “Create Page”

unlike multiple facebook pages

It will take you the the page as per the screenshot above.¬†Click on “Pages I like”

It will take you to all the pages you liked. Unlike the pages one by one and thus clean your Facebook news feed. Complete this exercise and get a clean Facebook news feed. Finished? Then take a moment to like our pages HERE to get updates from us immediately.



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