How to Quickly Remove Flashback Trojan From Infected Mac Computer

Mac Flashback Malware

Flashback, the malware family that affecting Mac OS X, is in the news for the last couple of weeks. By now there are few effective Flashback removal tools available for download online. If you are a Mac user and suspect that your computer is infected with Flashback malware try any of the below method to disinfect this malware. I’m certainly sure you can quickly remove Flashback Trojan from your infected Mac.

Remove the Trojan immediately as it is said to have the nature of stealing users personal data from infected Mac. This malware infects Mac when people visits malicious websites. So it is also necessary to check and ensure that your computer is not infected. Because it is said that over 600,000 computers worldwide were infected by Flashback as on March 2012. So make sure that you are not a victim.

Quickly Remove Flashback Trojan

Quickly Remove Flashback Trojan from your infected Mac. How to Disinfect?

Method : 1

Leading Security Software provider Kaspersky Lab has released a free security tool to disinfect Flashback Trojan. It is called Flashfake removal tool. Kaspersky released this tool few days back and withdrawn it later because of some bugs. Kaspersky just announced that they have fixed the problem with Flashfake removal tool and now it is ready for download.

Link : Kaspersky Flashfake Removal Tool

Before installing this tool first check whether you computer is already infected with Flashback Trojan. How to check Flashback infection on your Mac OS X? Kaspersky has a solution for this. Visit their Flashback infection checking website below.

There are sufficient information provided to check the infection on this site. You need your Hardware UUID for this. You can find UUID by following the instruction detailed Here. Enter the UUID on the designated field on the above website. Kaspersky will do the rest for you.

Method : 2

Apple has released a fresh Java update to combat the problem. It will remove the Flashback malware from compromised Macs. The tool is available through the company’s built-in Software Update system.

Follow any of the above method and remove Flashback immediately form your computer. Share this news.

Image Credit : Gavin St. Ours


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