How to Increase the Sound Quality of Android Phone or Tablet


We use our android phone or tablet to hear music and videos. Of course we use our android for many other purposes too including calling, gaming and productivity purposes. Other than calling hearing music consumes our majority of the time when using a phone or tablet. So let us see how to increase the sound quality of our android phone / tablet to improve the hearing pleasure.

You agree or not Music has the power to heal. It is an accepted truth. But my personal view is that the music should be soothing to our ears then only it can heal. Smartphones are now universal and of course android and we use it for hearing music other than using a home theater. So in this article let us see how to improve the sound quality of your android with minimum effort. With minimum effort means you just need to install a free Android app to get better sound quality from your phone.

Equalizer is the free Android app for sound quality improvement in Android. The name itself depicts the purpose.

Install Equalizer free Android App

Android Equalizer

Equalizer is coming with several presets to ease things. It includes common presets like Normal, Classical, Metal, Rock, Jazz etc. But you can get the maximum sound quality from your android phone or tablet by adjusting the 5 band level equalizer controller provided in the Equalizer app. Use the audio sampler provided with the app to test your equalizer settings. Also there are several setting available with this app. Try it yourself.

I hope you enjoy this best equalizer app on your phone. Enjoy great music that can heal your soul!


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