How to Get a Stylish Floating Sidebar with Your Favorite Apps on Your Android

floating sidebar

Android is customizable in many ways and it’s one of the benefits of this mobile OS from Google. Developers make the full advantage of this popular mobile OS. By virtue of this we get useful apps that improve the android user experience. In this post we are sharing you about a new app called OneQuick. It enables an Ubuntu Touch like floating sidebar on your android phone or tablet. With OneQuick app installed on your android phone you can quickly access your favorite apps from the lock screen. Just swipe right to open the stylish floating sidebar. The floating sidebar will appear and you can tap on any app to quickly start it. After installation of OneQuick you can start customizing it. You can add your favorite apps to the floating sidebar. You can add your camera, music player, browser, FM radio like any app to the floating sidebar to quickly access it when you want.

floating sidebar

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How to add apps to the Stylish OneQuick Floating Sidebar?

Step 1

Swipe on the screen from left to right to enable / appear the floating sidebar.

Step 2

Tap on the “+” button and tap on the app you want to add to floating sidebar.

How to delete apps from OneQuick Floating Sidebar?

Step 1

Press and hold the app you want to delete.

Step 2

Select the “Delete” from the menu that appears.

You can customize several things from the app quick settings like turn on WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and of course the OneQuick screen timeout. One quick is the best way to access your android phone or tablet quick settings and access your favorite apps quickly from the lock screen. It’s stylish too. Try this app and share your views.


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