How to Find the Last Opened Time of My Windows 7 PC

event viewer

I properly shut down my computer yesterday before leaving office. But this morning when I power on the computer it shows it was not properly shut down yesterday! Did someone opened my computer in my absence and switched off the computer in haste without properly shut down? Curious?

May be you have a restriction in your office to password protect your PC. Similarly you and your sibling may have separate computers but never password protect on home because of your precautious parents. In such cases you might want to check someone opened your computer in your absence, right? It is possible to find the last opened time of your Windows 7 PC.

The method below is applicable to other Windows versions too including earlier versions of Windows to the latest Windows 8. I limited the title to Windows 7 only because I’ve illustrated the tutorial with Windows 7 screenshot.

Steps to Find the Last Opened time of My Windows 7 PC

Open “Event Viewer”. The below steps will help you to open the “Event Viewer”

– Apply shortcut keys Windows Key+R. It will open the “Run” command window. Type  “eventvwr.msc” without quotes and press enter.

– On Windows 7 type “Event Viewer” in the start menu search box and hit enter.

On the left side of the Event Viewer side bar, you can see “Windows Logs”. Double click on it and select “System”.

Windows 7 event viewer

You can see all the events happened on your computer with the date and time in the middle pane. It will not provide much information. But you can confirm someone open your computer while you are not around. It’s a juicy info right.

Keep these steps in mind to find the last opened time of your computer. It will be useful at times.


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