How to Enhance Your Chat Experience on Facebook


Facebook is the ultimate choice right now to communicate with friends. If we like right pages on facebook, we can get great news on facebook at the right time. The popularity has one important aspect from the point of view of a user. A user can even find his broken connections like old school friends on facebook. You can quickly find your friends on facebook and also chat with them when they are online. Facebook is a complete social network. So in this article let us see how to enhance or improve our facebook chat experience.


Show profile picture of your chat friend on the chat box

You can show the profile picture of your friend in chat box. How? follow the below tip. For example you can ask “do you know this person”and show a small profile picture of the person to whom about you are talking.

You can see your friends name on the chat box. Right click on the name and copy the link. Use the last part of the link that may be a name or ID in the below format.


Replace “infoinspired” with the copied profile name or ID

See what happens

Useful Chat Emoticons for Facebook

There are lots of chat emoticons available for facebook. It is readily available on your chat box right on facebook. Use it frequently to enhance your chat. If you don’t know what each chat symbols represents, follow the below text chat symbols. It is given in alphabetical order.

  1. O:) Angel 

  2. O.o Confused 

  3. :'( Cry 

  4. 3:) Devil 

  5.  🙁 Frown 

  6. :O Gasp 

  7. 8) Glasses 

  8.  😀 Grin 

  9. >:( Grumpy 

  10. <3 Heart 

  11. ^_^ Kiki 

  12. :* Kiss 

  13. :v Pacman 

  14. <(“) Penguin

  15.  🙂 Smile 

  16. -_- Squint 

  17. 8| Sunglasses 

  18. :p Tongue 

  19. :/ Unsure 

  20. >:O Upset 

  21.  😉 Wink 

Chat in Your Native Language on Facebook

You can also enhance or improve your facebook chat by sending the message in your native language. If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, install an add-on Google Input Tools. It’s from Google. This simple extension lets you type your message in your own language.

How to Type Messages in Your Own Language Using Google Input Tools

After installing the add-on click on the small input tools icon on the toolbar and select extension options. There are two boxes. One in the left and another on the right side. From the left side box select your language and click the arrow key that appears to use it. For almost all languages you can see inscript and phonetic. Choose both and try which one is convenient for you. Also note that this extension is not limited to facebook. You can use it anywhere on Chrome including Google+, Gmail, wherever possible.

Funny Part

Facebook has not included any feature to translate your chat conversations / dialogues as you type to any preferred language. You may have friends on facebook who are not familiar with English. Both of your languages are different still wants to communicate. It may be your blogging friend or so. In such situation try one thing. Copy paste their chat conversations on Google Translate and translate to your language. Type your chat in English and translate it to their language and paste back to chat box. It is time taking. But interesting. Funny, right?

Hope you enjoy these wonderful facebook chat tips.


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