How to Enable Google Docs Offline Edit Mode in Google Drive

Prepare Google Docs Offline

You can now edit Google Documents in offline. I said Google Documents not Google Docs. Because the online office suites available in the entire Google Docs are not available for offline edit. That means Spreadsheets, Presentation and Form are only viewable in offline. Only Documents are available for edit in offline. Do you know how to enable Google Docs offline edit mode in Google Drive? If not, follow the below simple tutorial.

Recently I’ve happen to see the Google Drive web app in Chrome Web Store. I installed the app and realized that it’s merely a shortcut to the  Google Drive web service. But actually it was not so. Do you know why? Google Drive app for Chrome is offline capable. This app is supporting Google Docs offline view as well as edit. The app was already there in the Chrome Web Store. But Google only made the announcement about the offline editing capability of Google Docs in the Google I/O 2012 keynote 2 days back.

Update: Google Sheets, Google Doc and also Google Slides can be viewed and edited offline. So our below steps are no more valid. Jump to the end of this post to see the updated content titled Enable Google Docs Offline Edit Mode.

Requirements to make possible offline access of Google Docs in Google Drive

First ensure the following:

  • Ensure that you’re using the latest Chrome Browser as this feature only supports Google Chrome.
  • Install Google Drive Web App on Google Chrome. Not the Desktop client. I’m talking about the Chrome Web App. Download it from here.
  • After the above two enable offline access on Google Drive. I’ve detailed this third step below.

Now to the detail of enabling Google Docs on Google Drive Offline Edit Mode.

Click on the Google Drive app on the Chrome new tab and sign in to your Google Drive account. Click on the Gear icon there and from the drop down menu select “Set up Docs Offline Beta”. A dialogue box will appear. Click the blue button that says “Enable offline Docs”

Set up Docs Offline on Google Drive

We have already installed the Google Drive Chrome web app, right? So nothing etc. to do with this dialogue box. Google Drive will begin to prepare offline docs for you.

Prepare Google Docs Offline

How to add documents and spreadsheets to offline mode in Google Drive Manually

Open a document while online to add it to offline edit list. You just open a document or spreadsheet when you are in online. It will automatically added to the offline mode. But you can only edit documents offline. Spreadsheets can only view offline.

Finally you can check your offline enabled documents by clicking the Gear icon and from the drop down menu choosing “View offline Docs”

To access your Google Drive Docs for edit in offline go to Chrome New tab when there is no internet connection and click on the Google Drive web app.

Update: Enable Google Docs Offline Edit Mode

We wrote the tutorial long back. So it became invalid over the time. The new steps to Enable Google Docs Offline Edit Mode are as below. The simple steps will be the answer to your following queries regarding Google Doc Offline.

  1. How to Open and Edit Google Sheets Offline?
  2. How to Open and Edit Google Docs Offline?
  3. How to Open and Edit Google Slides Offline?

The step to enable Google Sheets, Google Docs as well as Google Slides are same.

Steps to Enable Google Docs Offline Edit Mode:

When you are online on Google Chrome, sign in to Google Drive and access Settings.

Enable Google Docs Offline Edit Mode in Google Drive

Enable the following. This’s the first step to enable Google Docs offline edit mode. Please remember! When I say Google Docs, I mean Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides.

Offline mode sync settings in Google Drive

When you enable this Google Drive will prompt to install a Google Docs Offline plugin. Install it. If this method is not working for you I will give you some workaround to make Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides Offline edit. You can check the last para.

Now the final steps. Go to Google Docs or Sheets or Google Slides. Any of the one application is OK for the whole set up. So we can access Google Sheets.

enable Google Sheets Offline Mode in settings

Enable the offline access. That’s all. Give time to Google to make the offline process complete. Disconnect your network connection and try to open Google Sheets or Google Docs on offline mode by typing on your address bar on Chrome. You can see that you can access the files on the web. Create new files or edit the existing one. When you connect back it will update your work.

Solutions to Google Docs Offline Not Working Issue!

There are people who are complaining that they can’t make their Google Apps offline edit mode. Actually Google Docs Offline Edit Mode works like a charm. The problem may be related to some small issues related to your browser or plugin. See the following tips.

  1. First thing you should update your Chrome browser. You should only use Google Chrome for offline access.
  2. Then remove all the google drive related plugins, if any, from Chrome especially the above Google Docs Offline Plugin, Google Drive, Google Sheets etc. This is required if you where using Google Docs Offline in the past and now not working. Anyway check the existence of the plugins if you were using Google Docs in the past or not.
  3. Use the Chrome keyboard short cut “Cntrl+Alt+Delete” to clean your browser.
  4. After doing all these Sign in to Google Drive on Chrome and follow the first step under the above title Steps to Enable Google Docs Offline Edit Mode.
  5. If this is also not solving your Google Doc Offline issue, check with your G Suit admin as they can turn off offline access to specific devises.

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