How to Delete Facebook Chat Messages with All of My Friends at Once

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Delete Facebook Chat Messages with All has an update! We included a new plugin to delete all chat in facebook. You can find it below in between paragraphs.

I don’t think people have nostalgic feelings in keeping all chat history messages on Facebook or on any other digital media. But still you can see your chat history is filled with messages from the past. So why should we keep messages for so long on Facebook? Simply because we are lazy or don’t have time to spend to delete all the chat messages. We know deleting messages on Facebook is time taking and hectic. But there is solutions. If you are interested to know how to delete Facebook chat messages with all at one click, continue reading.

Facebook has options in its wallet to allow people to delete messages in an efficient way. You can individually delete messages or delete complete chat messages with a friend. Follow the second link below titled “permanently remove Facebook chat history” to understand how to remove Facebook chat messages individually. It also details how to delete Facebook chat messages with a friend wholly.

Delete Facebook chat history on android

Permanently remove Facebook chat history

To remove Facebook chat history or chat messages with all of your friends at once, there is no option available on Facebook right now. But on Google Chrome, you can do this with the help of a Facebook extension. Sorry! It is not an extension, it is just an action that we can add to Chrome. It action we are adding will enable Facebook users to delete their chat history with all of their friends in one click.

Delete Facebook Chat History with Multiple Friends in One Click 

Google Chrome is so awesome with its amazing number of apps and extensions, besides its faster performance. To delete complete Facebook chat messages with all of your friends in one single click, install an add-on or action on Chrome called Facebook – Delete all messages.

The above chrome extensions seems not working for some users. Still you can delete facebook chat messages with all with one click with a new chrome add-on.

Try this new extension called message cleaner. If you use this extension to delete Facebook chat messages with all in one click, the procedure to be followed will be same as below.

The installation will take only a few seconds as usual with any other Chrome add-on. Nothing else to do. Just install, then login to Facebook. Go to “messages”. Also you can directly navigate to messages on Facebook from the address bar typing the URL “”. You can now see the page action to delete all messages with multiple friends at the address bar. See the below screenshot to see the action button.

delete multiple chat messages at one click - Delete Facebook Chat Messages with All

You just need to click the button. It will ask for your permission to proceed. Just click on the OK button. It deletes all the messages on Facebook and shows a confirmation message after finishing. The chat messages you have done with all of your friends will be vanished at once. It’s very fast.

Deleting of all your chat messages has one advantage too. It keeps your privacy level on Facebook intact at some extent. If someone, at some point of time in your life, gained access to your Facebook account, you can avoid the humiliation that may cause to you by your private chat messages.

Delete complete chat messages with multiple friends on Facebook in one single click and enjoy the freedom.

Facebook keep changing its algorithm. So sometimes you may find the plugins seems not working. In such cases do notify us. We will comeback with another solution, if possible. Make a clean facebook. Now go and delete facebook chat messages with all instantly. No embarrassment in future, right?


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