Get The Same Web Page You Were Reading on Your Computer on Your Mobile or Tablet

get webpages you opened on your pc on your mobile

Ever since I’ve started using Google Chrome on my PC, it’s my default browser. It’s sleek, fast and there are amazing number of apps and extensions to power it. One important feature I like on Chrome is its sign in feature. You can sign into Chrome from the Wrench menu that makes it possible to¬†synchronize your installed apps, extensions, tabs, bookmarks etc. on Chrome on other devices. You can use this feature to easily send any webpages on Chrome on your computer to your mobile device. Google has released a Chrome extension called Chrome to Mobile for this purpose.

get webpages you opened on your pc on your mobile

It’s easy to get the web pages you were reading on your Computer now on iPhone or Android. Install a simple official extension on Chrome on your desktop.

Install Chrome to Mobile (Extension for Chrome on Desktop)

Update: Link No More Working!

Now steps:

  • Sign in to Chrome on your Android phone or tablet, or Chrome for iOS on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Click on the phone icon in the desktop Omnibox (address bar) to send the current page to your phone or tablet (see the screenshot above).
  • Check “also send copy for offline viewing” and a copy of your web page, including text and pictures, will be downloaded to your phone or tablet so you will have access to it even when you are offline.

It will be useful at times. For example when you were reading a webpage and got an urgent call and want to leave, you can send the webpage to your mobile or tablet to read it on the go that even offline.

Do you find this extension useful? Like to hear in comments.


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