Get Air Gesture Feature on Any Android Phone to Control Music Player and Phone Calls without Touch

Air Touch

Move your hand over your android phone to control it. It is called air gesture and you can get this feature on your android phone too! Surprised? I will let you know how to control your android phone music player without touching the screen. Also you can silent incoming phone calls by placing the phone upside down on your table, a feature that will be useful when you are busy in a meeting. Again you can answer the call without touching the screen. I don’t know how it will be useful for you. I think the music player air gesture and the call answering feature will be useful while we are on the road driving.

How to Get Air Gesture Feature on any Android Phone

First of all let me make one thing clear. Many of you may surprised how air gesture feature will work on your device. It will definitely work because of the presence of the proximity sensor. It can detect the presence of near by objects and appears on almost all touch screen smartphones. The proximity sensor appears close to your phones speaker. It helps disabling accidental touch events occurring on your phone.

Steps to Get Air Gesture Feature on your Phone

Install Air Touch Service on your Phone. It’s free.

Run the app. It has few control on its home screen.

With Air Touch Service installed on your phone you can;

  1. Control Music player on your android device without touching its screen.
  2. Answer to phone call without touching the screen.
  3. Put the phone on silent mode by placing the phone upside down.

Air Touch Air Gesture for Android


Music Control – Make a tick mark on this feature will enable you to control your android phone music player without touching. You can pause, play, play next track and play previous track  using simple air gesture. Activating it will provide you a small visual guide on the home screen top. Watch it to master using gesture control on your phone and control your phone music player without even touching the phone screen!

Active Silent Mode – This feature is not a pure gesture control. Place the phone upside down, means facing the touch screen downwards, on your table to make an incoming call to silent.

Take Call – This feature allows you to answer phone calls on your almost any android phone without touching the screen. Just move your hand over, close to the screen to answer an incoming call.

In order to work all these feature you have to keep the app running. Use the home key to minimize this android app. So it will run in the background and you can enjoy gesture control on your android device.



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