Delete or Manage Older Versions of Files in Google Drive

Delete Older Versions of Files in Google Drive

Cloud storage services are flourishing on the web and the new entrant in this arena is a big one. I’m talking about Google Drive cloud storage. There are lots of cloud storage services online. Many of them offers free storage space too. Google is also offering 5GB free storage space for its users. But if you are not carefully using your cloud stored files, it will eat up your storage space. Do you know your deleted files and revisions are consuming your cloud storage space? You need to completely empty your Trash and also delete older versions of files in Google Drive, if not required, in order to save some space.

Emptying Trash folder is not a big issue. You can find the folder below “Create” red button on Google Drive on the web. So here I’ m discussing about managing revisions of your Google Drive stored files.

When you edit a file in Google Drive, new versions of the file is created. It’s just like a Save as function. You will only see the latest version of the file in your Google Drive folder on your computer or on the web. But it exists in your Google Drive on the web and consume your storage space. In this article I am going to tell you how to manage all versions of your files in Google Drive.

It’s must to manage older versions of file in order to save your precious storage space. Keep the required versions of the files in the cloud. Delete unwanted versions of files in Google Drive and it is pretty easy.

Delete Older Versions of Files in Google Drive

As already told when you edit files on Google Drive, new versions are created automatically. One thing you should take note that your Google Drive desktop client will only show you latest versions of the file. The case is same on the web too. But unlike the desktop client on the web you can access revisions of your files. Why Google Drive keeps older versions when it consume storage space? Because it will help you at times. For example if you edit one of your file and later found that you have done something wrong, you can access older copy of the file in Google Drive. Google Drive automatically delete older versions of file after one month (30 days) or once reached 100 revisions. But if you wish you can manage it. Means you can stop automatic removal of older versions of Google Drive stored files or delete any specific versions manually. To do this follow the below steps.

  • Go to Google Drive on the web
  • Click the file you want to manage
  • Click on the “More” dropdown menu to expand it and chose “Manage revisions”
  • See the Manage Revisions option below. Make necessary changes.

Older Versions of Files in Google Drive

You can delete revisions of your Google Drive stored files from here. Click the “X” mark to delete any revisions manually. If you want to remove the auto delete option, make a tick mark against the revisions.

Note : In the above screenshot you will not see storage space used against revisions. It’s because the file type is in Google Doc format.¬†Google Docs and files converted to Google Docs format don’t take up storage space.

Which cloud service you are using? Like to hear from you.


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