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Download New Facebook and WhatsApp DP [Profile Pictures] – Android AppsWhen we want to convey something or reflect a change in our mood, we upload some unique DP. I think we do it more often on WhatsApp than Facebook. How often
How to Remove Permission Given to Uninstalled Android AppsYou need to give certain permissions to apps to work it properly. For example some apps need your location to give location related information like flight ticket booking, navigation, hotel
10 WhatsApp Secret Tips to Become a Pro UserWhatsApp is a quintessential messenger app owned by Facebook. Its growth rate is unparalleled. With new added features and security updates, WhatsApp has become more cool to use over the years.
YouTube Watch History – Don’t Make this Mistake!Your youtube watch history is not hidden. If the watch history is not turned off and cleared the existing one, anyone who can have access to your device or account
11 Popular Android Apps for Digital Payments in IndiaDigital payments in India is increasing day by day after the demonetisation. The money which we can withdraw from our Bank account is limited. So we have no option left
Download 5 Best Free Addictive Android Games for Early 2017There is no decline in the penetration of smartphone usage in 2016 compared to last year and of course android is the dominant. So lots of app developers target Google