Windows 8.1 Gets Official Facebook App

fb for Windows 8

Official Facebook app for Windows 8 is ready to use! You may be using third party apps to get the Windows 8 metro UI pleasure while using Facebook. Now you can get a new Facebook taste with the official Facebook app on your laptop.

In one of our earlier tutorial, we wrote about the new Facebook news feed and how to get it instantly. It may be already active on some of your account. Else you can follow our this previous post to get the new Facebook news feed with a third party plugin on Chrome or officially if you are luck. The main attraction is the clutter free interface and the black sidebar on the left. Why we mention this here?  It is relevant because of the release of the new Facebook app for Windows 8.1. Facebook has released its official Facebook app for Windows 8.1 users. It is almost look like the the new Facebook news fee on the Facebook web application. The black side bar is there on the new Windows 8.1 Facebook app.

Also the official Facebook Windows 8 app has all the goodies of Windows 8. You can get the Facebook update on the Windows 8 start screen live tiles. Also Facebook Windows 8.1 app notifies  you when your friends like or comment on your photos. Similar to Facebook web app, this app also provides the chat functionality.

The new Facebook app for Windows 8.1 makes the Facebook experience even better. Have a Windows 8 PC? Then download and use the official Facebook Windows 8 app from the below link that jsut after the screenshot.

fb for Windows 8

Download : Facebook for Windows 8


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