Use Samsung Dive to Find Your Lost Samsung Phone


Remote wipe, remote lock and remote locate. That is what you can do with Samsung Dive. In one of my earlier android tutorial, I have shared the tips to find any lost android phone / tablet with the help of a free security app. You can read the tutorial by following the link How to Find My Android In Case of Loss. If you are using Samsung Android Phone you can track your lost phone without any app. You can use Samsung Dive to find your android smartphone in case of loss and also remotely wipe your phone data. Some supporting models are;

GT-I9082 , GT-I9100 , GT-I9300 , GT-N7000 , GT-N7100 , GT-I9082 , GT-I9100 , GT-I9300 , GT-N7000 , GT-N7100 , GT-I9082 , GT-I9100 , GT-I9300 , GT-N7000 , GT-N7100 , GT-I9082 , GT-I9100 , GT-I9300 , GT-N7000 , GT-N7100.

The above are the model numbers of Samsung smartphones like Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Note etc. But to use the Samsung Dive to locate your phone you first need to set up your phone. How to set up your Samsung phone to remotely control it or locate it.

find samsung phone

First you must activate remote control on your Samsung Phone. To do this first tap on the Apps icon on the home screen and go to Settings->Security.

Secondly register for a Samsung account on your Phone. That you can normally do like this. Go to Settings->Accounts and Sync->Add Account.

Now go to Samsung Dive on the website and use your log in details that you have just created. You can remotely lock your phone, wipe data and also locate it. But the locating the lost phone feature is not available in all countries. Check and ensure that it works in your country.

If you face any problem setting up your account, don’t worry. Just check this complete elaborated Samsung user guide to set up remote tracking and wiping.


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