The Risk of Sharing Private Information on Social Networks [Infographic]


To make you understand quickly the risk of sharing private information on social networks, I mean too much of information, I posted an infographic below. It will remind you that you are sharing too much of your private information on social networks!

I am active on several social networking sites. I usually share my latest blog updates on social networks. I find it’s the best way to communicate with the world. It reduces my dependency on search engines to reach out to the people. You can use social networking sites in many ways. You can use Facebook and Google+ like sites to promote your product or brand, to call your friend, or to share photo albums like several purposes. Whatever the purpose you should strictly apply the best privacy settings in the social network you use. Because sharing private information on social networking sites may be used against you by evil people. Do you know what are the risks involved in sharing private information on social networks?

Trend Micro has published a useful infographic titled “The Risk of Posting in Social Networks” that brings light into the dangerous scenario of sharing private information on social networks. It’s relevant because sharing harmless (looking) information like your date of birth(DOB), place of birth, Name of school may be used to hack your online account by finding the password hint.

See the infographic below. Don’t forget to share it.

what are the risk of sharing private information on social networks

Source : Trend Micro Malware Blog


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