The Most Beautiful and Highly Customizable Android Launcher

go launcher

I am not satisfied with the Sense 4 user interface on my HTC One V. Other than less features and customization I don’t like the look and feel it provides. So I decided to go ahead with installing a custom launcher app to change the feel. I tested few top Android launchers and finally set with GO Launcher EX. It’s one of the very beautiful and fully customizable Android launcher app. Together with a beautiful live wallpaper GO Launcher EX changed the look of my phone!

See the below screenshot. I’ve installed GO Launcher EX and Magic Nature Live Wallpaper to get that effect. The live wallpaper is visible through the transparent app drawer on my phone (see the first screenshot of app drawer). Go Launcher EX uses the full screen in the app drawer and only the area is not transparent is the notification bar. So the screen look more beautiful and wide.

GO Launcher EX app drawer view GO Launcher EX home screen

Other than the look and feel there are lots of things that caught my attention using GO Launcher EX. It even brings the vertical / horizontal screen orientation to the Android desktop as well as to the app drawer. You can access recent and running apps from the app drawer directly. Also clean the recent history with the tap of a brush button at the bottom. You can see from the above first screenshot that the menu (three dots) shifted to the bottom together with the search button. Want to hid any app from your app drawer? Tap on the menu to see the hide option. Also log tap on any app to see more features.

There are lots of widgets available free with this most beautiful and highly customizable Android Launcher. The weather and clock widget on the home screen is truly awesome that adjusts its size to the screen orientation, i.e. in vertically and horizontally. Go market is the house to some cool apps. I like the Toucher Pro app with this most beautiful Android Launcher. Toucher Pro puts a small icon that is transparent on your Android Phone screen. It is visible on any screen. You can drag and drop the position of this small pointer. Tap on this pointer will open a small widget which is also customizable and houses lots of features. Don’t miss this if you use GO Launcher EX. You can lock the screen, make phone calls, launch any apps from this useful widget. It is just like a shortcut on your android to quick access to useful apps and settings. You can turn on Blutooth, WiFi, silent your phone etc. from this widget. See the screenshot below. The first one shows the widget and the second one the pointer, a small circle at the left bottom side. This circle can also be customized from the Toucher Pro app.

GO Launcher EX Toucher Pro Widget GO Launcher EX Toucher Pro Pointer

Another feature one dare to miss is the gesture feature GO Launcher EX provides. With this feature one can open predefined apps with gestures. For example draw shape “b” to open your favorite BS Player. Double tap on the home screen to see the draw pattern option where you can draw new pattern as well as draw existing pattern to do a specified task.

The above are some of the features I have noticed soon after my first use of this most beautiful and popular launcher. There are lots more. Make your android phone look and behave beautiful. Customize it to the maximum and be different from your friends. Once you start using it, I’m sure that you will stick to it.


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