The Best Free Photo Collage Making App for Android

photo collage

I rarely use photo collages. But it is the fun kid of many. Photo collages lets you show off your different photos into a single frame The process is automatic. Just choose a frame. No drag and drop and arrangements. It’s awesome and funny.

Without an app you can create photo collages on your Galaxy S4 android phone. But most of the Android phones require special apps to make photo collage. So here is the best android photo collage makings app. Before that I should tell you how to create photo collages on Samsung Glaxy S4 without any app download.

To create photo collages on your Galaxy S4 open your galley app and pick the photos that you want to featured on the collage and then select Photo Collage from the menu. Wow! It’s done.

Now to see the best free photo collage making app for your android phone and how to use it.

Photo Grid

Photo Grid is from RoidApp and the first name that came to my mind when I think about photo collage making. It’s quick and easy to use. Unlike other android photo collage making apps, it has lots of features to enhance the photo collage you make.

photo collage on android

Features that Differentiate Photo Grid from Similar Android Photo Collage Making Apps.

  • Shake the phone to change the layout.
  • Apply gorgeous filters and brightness control to enhance your photos. Best in *Single HD mode.
  • Change the photo orientation. You can move the photo to any angle easily.
  • Finally it is easy to create photo collages using this best free android photo collage making app.

How to Use Photo Grid to Make Photo Collages on Your Android

Install Photo Grid from Google Play.

Run the app and from the home screen select the style you want to your collage. There are Grid HD, Free HD, High, *Single HD and Wide mode.

Now select the photos from your phone gallery, Facebook, Flickr or DropBox account.

If the photos are inside folders on your gallery tap on the folder to see the available pictures and then tap on the photos one by one to include in the collage.

The added photos will be appered at the bottom. Tap the right arrow at the to proceed to make your collage.

Shake the phone to see the changes!

How to Edit Your Photos and Apply Style

There are different style modes in Photo Grid and features vary. Just shake your phone to see Photo Grid automatically changes the background in free HD and Single HD mode, and change the background and also the layout in Grid HD mode. So to make a colorful photo collage on your android first start with Grid HD. On the bottom you can see several options to change the style of your photo collage. Select any photo in the collage to get additional features at the bottom like swap photos and change the orientation. The filters Photo Grid provides are beautiful though not exceptional.


Photo Grid is truly the best free photo collage making app for Android. It provides lots of features. If you wish to create a photo collage featuring your baby photos you can make it truly gorgeous using Photo Grid. There are smileys you can put to make a lovely photo collage of your baby. Try this popular android photo collage making app and share your views in below comments.


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