Some Tidbits About HTC One Mini

htc mini

HTC surprised everybody with its flagship HTC One. Everybody praised this phone. Can they do the magic again with the rumoured HTC One Mini? Still there is no official news about the release or features of HTC One Mini available. The tech world is eagerly waiting for the official news and release of HTC One Mini. But you can see the so called leaked images of HTC One Mini all over. See one of the leaked images of HTC One Mini. In this image the phone looks similar to HTC One but only small in size. The front panel dual speakers are one of the main attraction of HTC One. So we can take it for granted that HTC, the Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphone and tablets will not make any compromise on its mini version of HTC One.

htc mini

The result, HTC Mini will almost look like HTC One. The size of HTC One mini will be small. But that does not mean it is a small sized phone. It will be sized similar to iPhone 5 or may be little bigger in size. The advantage of HTC One mini will be its price. The phone will be some downgrade in spec wise compared to its big brother. So HTC can make the price affordable for many HTC One lovers who could not possess the splendid HTC One due to the hefty price tag.

As per the leaked news, HTC One Mini will be powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU and running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean that out of the box. Hope HTC One Mini will be a reality and HTC will pack some thing amazing on this mini version also to make the competition even tougher.


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