Select and Play Any Media Files Stored on Your PC Using Your Android Device

Remotely Select and Play Media Files on PC

Earlier we have shared another wonderful tutorial related to remotely select and play videos. It was something like using your android phone to control YouTube play on your PC. Here is yet another similar tutorial. But this time we are discussing about select and play any media files stored on your PC from android device.

In order to remotely select and play videos, MP3s or any such media files stored on your desktop or laptop using your android phone you should install VLC media player on your PC. Continue reading for other requisites and details.

Remotely Select and Play Media Files on PC Using Android

Enable data plan on your smartphone, then you have to turn your phone into a portable network through tethering. Don’t get confused with the technical terms. Tethering is just a tap away on your phone’s settings. It’s under settings of your phone as “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot”. Let your laptop scan for this wireless network and connect. Later you can turn off the data plan but remember to enable “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot”. Now you can browse your PC for media files using your smartphone without any internet connection and play media files on your desktop VLC player.

VLC is my all time favorite music player on my laptop and I know most of your’s also. VLC has lots of stunning features that we rarely use. VLC plays almost ‘everything”. Read our related post section at the bottom for some useful tutorials.

To remotely control VLC on your PC using your Android phone, you need a free app installed on your smartphone and run a [dot] bat file on your PC. This will enable you to open folders on your PC where you kept media files that right from your android device. Then play it either on your PC itself or on your android. If you prefer play it on your PC, it will play on VLC media player. You can control volume, pause and even access fast and forward functions. It’s all simple.

Here is a step by step guide to make your android smartphone a complete VLC remote control. Yep! Search media files on your PC right from your android and play it or stream any media files on your android device on VLC on your PC.

Steps Involved in Remotely Select and Play Media Files on PC

Install VLC Direct Streaming Pro Free on your android device. It’s free android app.

Download VLCDirect[dot]bat

Every time you need to run the above [dot] bat file on your PC to make a successful connection between VLC on your laptop with your smartphone.

Now let us see how to use VLC Direct Streaming Pro Free on your android. Hope you already installed the application on your android and run the [dot] bat file on your PC. Now run the application on your phone.

You can understand the controls of VLC Direct Streaming Pro Free from the below screenshots.

vlc streaming set up 1 vlc streaming set up 2 vlc streaming set up 3 vlc streaming set up 4

Explanations to the Above VLC Direct Streaming Pro Free Setup Images

Screenshot 1 :

  1. Target – the device on which you want to play the media file, whether your PC or smartphone. Tap it to change.
  2. Source of file – PC.
  3. Tap to change the file location.

Screenshot 2 :

  1. Source of files – Android.

Screenshot 3 :

  1. Volume up or down.
  2. Video forward or backward.

Screenshot 4 :

  1. DVD control on Settings.

Just follow the above instructions to use your android device to select and play any media files stored on your PC using your desktop VLC media player; to select and play any media files stored on your PC remotely on your android; to play any media files stored on your android on your PC remotely.

Now relax on your couch and play and control your VLC media player on your laptop using your android. You can choose the files you want and remotely play it. Hope you liked the above tips.


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