Save for Web Option is the Swiss Army Knife in Photo Uploads

save for web

If you are aware or not Save for web is one of the very useful option in Adobe PhotoShop as well as in GIMP the alternative freeware. This feature resides in the File menu in both of this powerful photo editing softwares. But in the case of GIMP, users have to download and install a plugin to get the feature. I am not going to the plugin installation as it is already detailed in one of my old posts here.

We upload photos in many forms on to the web. But the photo loading takes time depending the photo size and network speed, no matter whether you are uploading your photos to  Facebook, blogs or email. Here comes the Save for Web photo editing option handy. You can use this feature to dramatically save your photos in a compressed form. There is not much quality drop while you save your photos using the truly useful Save for Web option. A naked eye can’t differentiate the quality drop. By saving photos using the save for web feature, you can reduce the files size from few MBs to KBs. That is why I like to call Save for web as “the Swiss Army Knife in photo uploads”

save for web

For a blogger like me, I admire this feature as I use this often. A website’s reputation is not only depends the quality of contents but also the structure. Search engines dislike websites or blogs that took too much time for loading. As a result even though the content of your site is useful, it will not get much response from search engines. That means you will not get the much required traffic juice from search engines.

Not only search bots, everybody including you also will not like too much loading time. Suppose if you are uploading a photo to Facebook and that takes so long for uploading, you may probably skip the photo upload in dismay. So before uploading your photos online, use save for web option in Adobe Photoshop. No photo editing skill is required for this. Open a photo in PhotoShop and from the file menu use the save for web option. Consider GIMP if you don’t have the PhotoShop software installed. GIMP is always free and one of the best alternatives to PhotoShop. But don’t forget to install the GIMP save for web plugin as mentioned above.


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