Password Protect and Hide Your Opened Tabs on Chrome

password protect tabs

The tips which I am going to disclose in this tutorial is going to be very useful for you at some point of time. How password protect and hide your opened tabs on Chrome handy for you? Read on.

How Password Protecting or Hiding Browser Tabs Useful?

You are browsing and lots of tabs are opened. What you will normally do while you are just moving away from your computer? You might close the tabs or minimise the browser. If you close the tabs, it will take time for you to again open the tabs. It’s time eating process. But minimising the tabs are of very risk. Your siblings, friends or anyone can just have a look at your online activities. Because almost all the people you meet around your table may be tech savvy.

So don’t put your privacy at stake. Take care of your privacy when you are away from your computer. When signed in to Facebook or any other online account, while moving away from your computer table, just log out. If you plan a quick comeback better to apply password and hide the tabs from the view. So nobody can have a view at your tabs and make embarrassment to you. We can quickly password protect and hide the opened tabs on Chrome. How ?

Password Protect and Hide Your Opened Tabs

How to Password Protect and Hide Your Opened Tabs?

We can use a very useful Chrome Plugin called Panic Button. You can use this plugin on Google Chrome to password protect and hide your opened tabs in just one click. Yep! It’s possible to apply password to tabs on your browser.

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Steps:panic button for chrome  to hide tabs

Install the plugin Panic Button on Chrome. After installation see the Panic Button on the Chrome address bar. Right click on it and choose “options” to set password.

use panic button to password protect Chrome

Set your password and save. That’s all. Now onward whenever you want to move away from your PC temporarily, you can password protect and hide the view of your opened tabs on Chrome. To do this;

Click the “Panic Button” on the address bar. It will instantly hide all the opened tabs. The button will turn to green. Click the button again to open the hidden Chrome tabs. This time you need to put the password to restore the hidden tabs.

We find this plugin very useful. Post your views in the comments below.


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