One Time Use Email Addresses – No Sign Up Required


Here is a juicy info for all tech savvy people. Do you know how to keep your personal Email inbox away from Spam mails. There are several options. The important thing is never to disclose your personal Email address to unknown persons/organisations etc. Then what is the solution? You can receive email from unfamiliar persons on a temporary email address. There are ready made inboxes available for public use.

You can give different email address at different times and left that inbox without touching after one use. No sign up, log in etc. Yep! No need to even create an email account to receive email from anyone. Without an email address you can receive an email! How? Follow the below quick tips to exploit one time use email address.

The concept is like this. You give an email address as you wish to the person who wants to send mail to you. Just imagine an email address. But it should end with  “”. For example you can ask your friend to send you the mail to “”. No need to create this email address. You just go to Mailinator and type the email address as below. You can open the inbox there instantly and read the message. Then you can delete it.

mailinator one time use email address

Important Note

The Email someone send to your Mailinator address is publicly visible. Because on Mailinator there is no private Email address. Anyone can access any Email address and read the content. So read your content and delete it. Use odd names to create an ID. You can share any name as you wish as your Email address. Yep! There is no creation. There is just sharing. You can open any Email address. That means anyone can open your share Email address too. So not useful for sharing secure/private content.

You can say Mailinator is perfect for one time use and for sharing general information. The mails on the Mailinator inbox got deleted every few hours. Your shared email address will exist always. You can either use it again or share another email address. That is up to you.

Use Mailinator for getting general information from persons not familiar to you.


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