Nokia Released #2InstaWithLove Windows Phone App for Instagram Lovers


Instagram may be among the the first few apps every Smartphone lovers want to try first. But unfortunately for Windows Phone users, there is no official Instagram app available. Ofcourse some alternatives are there. No doubt Nokia is the major player benefiting from the Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile Operating System. They have a few high end Lumia phones running Windows Phone OS. Lack of some of the powerful apps in the Windows Phone marketplace is quite disappointing for Windows Phone users. To overcome this Nokia has released some powerful unique apps by its own. But they can’t never replace apps like Instagram. But now Nokia has released their official Instagram like app for Windows Phone. It is called #2InstaWithLove. All are sure that it can’t replace Instagram. But it can boost the arrival of Instagram on Windows Phone platform. As nokia itself says on the app page;

It’s all about showing Instagram just how passionate the Windows Phone community is

#2InstaWithLove has a classic Polaroid filter. It’s cool to see the photos got applied the filter. A “#2InstaWithLove” hashtag will automatically get added to the photo. The images you uploaded to social networks are similarly posted to Nokia for the #2InstaWithLove campaign purposes.

Download : #2InstaWithLove

Nokia's official instagram similar app

Use this app and enjoy Instagram on Windows Phone. Using of this app means you are joining the Nokia campaign for the Official Instagram Release for Windows Phone. Nokia knows that the availability of popular Android and iOS apps will surely boost the sale of its Windows Phone. At some point it’s true.


  1. Well Nokia is now encouraging windows app development.. I recently came across a link to their new developers program which goes by the name of DVLUP, and is basically fr windows app developers & Students..
    DVLUP program gives points and rewards to Windows Phone developers, bt interestingly this reward program is partly a game where you can compete with your peers, and maybe even meet some folks to collaborate with. As a player, you can earn badges for your accomplishments. Complete challenges and develop applications, you’ll begin to earn XP points (experience points) which you can redeem the XP for valuable rewards…. You can redeem these points in the Rewards Store for everything from Bluetooth stereo headsets to cool Nokia Lumia handsets to Nokia Premium developer account.

    For details u can go through:

    This type of step from Nokia is not only better fr Microsoft to stay in the mobile market game but also very useful fr the mobile app development students.. Right now, there are a lot of resources available online to help with Windows Phone development from a technical perspective nd with this program students can earn exciting rewards & compete with others, and maybe even meet some folks to collaborate with….


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