New Tomahawk 0.5 – A Compelling Media Player that Can Play Music from Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Grooveshark and More

New Tomahawk Media Player - Configuration

The new release of Tomahawk, a compelling Media Player, makes it simple to use. It’s redesigned from top to bottom with new logo, new features and whole new look. Tomahawk has now become an irresistible media player to try. Its ability to connect your various music streaming services at one place really deserves praises.

Connect your various media streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Grooveshark and many more with Tomahawk and enjoy music from these services. Further you can play music stored on your hard drive or local network. You can connect your Twitter account to enjoy music shared via your Twitter friends using Tomahawk.

How to connect your various music streaming services with Tomahawk?

Install the desktop app (it’s cross-platform) and from the home screen of  Tomahawk you can connect to the said services from Settings->Configure Tomahawk. Install necessary plugins that including Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Grooveshark, Twitter etc. from “Services”. The benefit of adding Twitter plugin is that, as already mentioned, you can discover and play music from your twitter friends running Tomahawk.

New Tomahawk Media Player - Configuration

How to add music from your local drive to Tomahawk?

From the above Settings->Configure Tomahawk. Click the tab “Collection” to add music from your local drive to Tomahawk in lightning fast speed. There are lots more features in Tomahawk. I like the “Top Loved Tracks” that shows the most loved track from all my friends and from me.

Tomhawk serves one main purpose that you can consolidate your music spread across various music streaming services at one place. Also from the web interface you can enjoy rich music as well as share your favorite music tracks to your friends via social networks or embedded code. No matter which browser your friends are using. They can easily enjoy it on their browser by following the shared link or code.

tomahawk web interface - A Compelling Media Player

When you share a link to a song on, anyone can easily listen to it directly in their browser.  We do that by supporting multiple services that are available all over the world, including: SoundCloud, YouTube,,Deezer, Rdio,,, Spotify and Jamendo. When you click play, it will playback directly in page using the best available source (with the exception of Spotify links which will open the Spotify application).  Finally, if you use Rdio and your friends use Spotify, you now have a way to share tastes without being tied to the same service provider. Oh, yeah… and it all works in modern mobile web browsers too.

Enjoy a new music streaming experience with the compelling New Tomahawk 0.5. It’s absolutely free.

Download : Tomahawk


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