Intelligently Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos on Android

remove unwanted objects

An unwanted object can spoil the complete beauty of a photo. A plastic bag lying on a green other wise beautiful field, a protruding object from your pocket etc. can damage the beauty of your photos. But you can remove such objects, if you have photo editing skills, on your computer using Photoshop.

But what we normally doing is just taking the photos using the powerful phone camera and share them directly to Facebook or Google Plus immediately. So we need a tool to retouch our photo right on our phone. I mean we have to find an option to remove unwanted objects from photos right on our phone. For Android users here is a free tool to erase unwanted things on photos.

Install TouchRetouch Free on your Android phone and quickly remove unwanted elements from photos in a flash.

To learn how to intelligently remove any unwanted things from photos on Android, just follow the below simple steps.

Installed the above app? Then learn how to use TouchRetouch Free to remove unwanted objects from photos on Android.


Run the app.

You can either select the photo you want to retouch or take a new photo. The home screen of the app has both the options.

TouchRetouch Free Home

For tutorial purpose we have taken one photo from our DropBox photo folder. You can access DropBox from under the option “Open photos from Gallery”.

Remove unwanted object from photos on android

Once your photo got downloaded to the app, just tap on it. It will show you the available options with this app at the bottom.

There are six powerful yet simple to use tools on this app.

1. Lasso – Object selection tool

Long tap on the object that you want to remove from the photo. It will zoom the area. Draw a line carefully through the outer side of the object while watching the zoomed section.

2. Brush – Object selection tool

This is the easiest way to select the object you want to remove from your photo. Long tap on the unwanted object on your photo. Select the area by applying the brush. You can increase or decrease the size of the brush.

3. Hand – Tool to move the photo

This tool will make the photo out from the editing mode. So you can move, pan the photo etc. as normal.

4. Eraser

You can use this tool to edit the selection. You can increase or decrease the size of the eraser.

5. Start – To apply the effect

6. Save

select unwanted object on photos on android

I think no need to explain how to select the object you want to remove. It is already detailed against the tools above. Use either the Lasso tool or the Brush tool for this. I used the brush tool to select the unwanted thing to remove from my photo. Tap the brush tool to activate it and carefully apply the brush on the object to select it. If the object is very small, decrease the brush size. After selecting the object tap the “Start” button. That’s all.

Retouch photos

TouchRetouch will intelligently remove the unwanted object from your photo that itself on your android phone. It apply the suitable background to the area where the object was before. So no one can easily identify something was removed from the photo.

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