How to Properly Remove Smudges from Smartphone’s Touch Screen

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We must know how to clean smudges from our Smartphone’s touchscreen. Improper cleaning of the touch screen can damage not only your phone screen but also the phone itself. In this post we can learn how to properly clean our smartphone touch screen.

We don’t care about protecting our smartphone screen with anti-scratch guard since the latest phones’ screen itself are anti scratch. Thanks to Corning Gorilla Glass. But we can’t avoid appearing smudges all over the screen on our smartphone. For example for a few minutes play of a popular fruit slicing game or any other game can cause smudges all over the phone.

Also the “draw pattern unlock” feature on your phone can also make smudges that even become a threat to your privacy. Any one can follow the smudges to unlock your phone in your absence.

microfiber cloth for cleaning glass surface

Tips to Remove Smudges from the Surface of the Touch Screen of Smartphone

You require only the following to clean the surface of your smartphone screen.

Microfiber Cloth – I hope you already have the microfiber cloth with you. It comes with spectacles, laptop etc. for its glass cleaning purpose. If you don’t have one you must buy it.

Distilled Water – You can either buy distilled water or make distilled water at home.

How to make distilled water at home?

This is off topic still I mention the procedure below for your easiness.

You can very easily make distilled water at home. The process is boiling some pure water and condensate the steam into another container. You can adapt your own method to create distilled water at home. The simplest way to create distilled water at home is as below.

Take some water in a stainless steel pot. Put another relatively small empty stainless steel pot inside the big pot and it should be floating on the surface of the water inside the big pot. Cover the big pot with a stainless steel lid.

Now boil the water in the big pit. When the water boils, steam begin to come out. Put some ice cubes on the lid. So the steam got condensate and will fall down to the small pot, which is empty, inside the big pot. Let the water boil enough time. Later take out the small pot and make the water inside it cool. It is the distilled water.

Now to the Steps to Remove Smudges from the Touch Screen Surface of Your Screen

Switch off your phone.

Apply the microfiber cloth on the screen with a small circular movements. Only make a feather touch.

If still smudges are there put few drops of distilled water on the micro fiber cloth. Wipe away the smudges by moving the cloth smoothly in circular movements over the screen.

That’s all. Now you can see the screen of your phone glowing. Apply the cleaning occasionally.


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